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U Line Home appliances

The U Line Corporation is situated in United States and manufactures trendy under counter refrigeration items which are mainly created for residential use.

U Line began by Henry Uihlein in 1962 who had been the very first person to patent then sell a standalone, automatic under counter ice maker made particularly for residential use. U lines are resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U Line has since introduced additional other under counter home appliances such as the first portable ice maker and combination ice maker/refrigerator in 1971, the very first 12v Electricity mobile/marine ice maker in 1983, and also the first wine refrigeration system designed for residential use within 1985.

In 1962 Henry Uihlein began their own company, referred to it as U Line, and began creating certainly one of their own inventions. He named his company U Line, that was a phonetic representation of his German title. His invention was an under counter ice maker designed for residential use. The recognition from the under counter ice maker advanced the funding of further development and research into additional refrigeration items. The U Line Corporation today produces numerous under counter mixtures of storing wine systems, freezers, fridges, and ice makers. A number of these items include such advanced features as temperature control that’s dual zone for of storing wine systems. The organization has additionally created a type of drawers which were chilled. Their items inconspicuously merge w

Significant Key events/Inventions

  • 1971: U Lines are the first one to introduce the under counter Combo Model Refrigerator and Ice Maker. The system utilizes a single compressor to keep dual temperature zones within the same cabinet.
  • 1971: U Lines are the first one to introduce a transportable ice maker that’s made with a water tank that’s built-in which enables proprietors to maneuver the system anywhere in your home.
  • 1983: U Lines are the first one to develop an ice maker which was run by twelve volt Electricity for TV and marine programs.
  • 1985: U Lines are the very first US appliance maker to fabricate an under counter wine fridge for residential storing wine. The system offers proper storage conditions and it has three temperature zones.
  • 1987: U Line evolves and patents the industry’s first solid condition ice maker. Seem tones and display lights inform the consumer whenever de-frosting is required.
  • 1991: U Lines are the first one to develop frost free freezer technology for less than counter refrigeration.
  • 1993: U Lines are the very first United States appliance maker to eliminate chlorofluorocarbons using their foam insulation.
  • 1998: U Line evolves and fashions an ice maker which makes obvious ice.
  • 2001: U Line evolves the Echelon Number of freezers/ fridges, storing wine models, combination fridges/ ice makers, and luxury ice makers.

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